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Non-Surgical Therapy

Before traditional periodontal surgery (i.e. pocket reduction and flap surgery) can take place, most patients must undergo periodontal therapy including scaling and root planning with the dental hygienist. This is a crucial phase of treatment in which the tissues get prepared for the surgical phase. For some patients, antibiotics may also be recommended. However, if your periodontist recommended laser therapy, this step may be included with your laser treatment. Ultimately, the patient must maintain a good level of oral hygiene to increase the success of both non-surgical and surgical phases of therapy.

At the Implant & Laser Periodontal Surgery Center, maintaining an optimal outcome is just as important as getting one. After the surgical phase of treatment, your periodontist will place you on a periodontal maintenance cleaning recall as dictated by what procedures you had completed, your level of oral hygiene, and you likelihood of relapse. Most patients are placed on a cleaning interval of every three months for the first year. Your periodontist will want to re-evaluate your progress every six or twelve months to make sure your healing is progressing as expected.